Let's capture a day in the life of your family.

The way your husband looks next to the tree as you celebrate your first holiday together.
The way the kids laugh, cry, smile, and wrinkle their noses.
The way they hug your leg when you're washing dishes.
The way your five-year-old piles bubbles on his head at bath time.

The way your teenager smiles at dinner, even though he's really too cool for hugs these days...

Let's document the way the oldest and youngest fight. Let's capture the way they show they love each other.

Let me show you the love of your family, and how hard you work for them.

Your life is beautiful. Even the most mundane moments are full of memories. 

Let's preserve these memories. 



This is documentary photography. 
It is telling the story of your family, the way you are, right now. 
It is celebrating the first days at home with the newest addition to your family.
It is documenting the last moments with a beloved family pet. 
It's for celebrations and sad times. It's for just remembering their bedtime routine when they were three-years-old. 
It is for documenting your life, seeing the beauty in the mundane. 


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