Hi there, I'm Sam and it is lovely to meet you! Most days you can find me in my car, driving one or all three of my sons around central North Carolina to wherever they need to be next. But on the weekends I love exploring the beautiful area I live in, often taking photos of abandoned buildings and forgotten places. I'm mostly known for my love of the arts, obsession with history, enjoyment of decadent food, and appreciation of good whiskey. I'm also known for my fairly adventurous disposition! My friends are never shocked if I randomly ask them to join me in some muddy obstacle race (what was I thinking?!) or a spur-of-the-moment day trip (espcially if the destination involves something delicious!). In addition to photography, I also volunteer for area community theatre. Whether I'm on stage or behind the scenes, there are not many things in life better than providing people with a wonderful evening of entertainment. But, even with all of these varied passions in my life, I really love serving others by capturing and preserving their moments and memories. Some are happy, and some are sad, but such is life. I'm truly passionate about doing all I can to leave every space I visit a bit better than it was when I arrived. 

My Style

My photography style is a bit different. Under no circumstances will I ask you and your loved ones to don matching outfits and nice shoes to meet me in the park for photos. Because, let's be real, who enjoys that? I would so much rather document your family experience. How do you spend your Saturday mornings? Kids rolling out of bed with messy hair while mom enjoys coffee and dad makes pancakes? Awesome! Let's tell that story, the real story of your family. I capture all of the most beautiful, imperfect, in-between moments. I know that when I look back at photos of the people I love, it's not the tightly posed studio photos I love. I adore the candid, real moments; the images of my grandmother preparing for her next match (she was a professional wrestler, but that's a story for another time...), the expression on my son's face while he gleefully chased a cricket around the yard, the interaction between my kids as they entertain themselves outside. Those are the moments that bring me joy. I think that capturing your family in this more photo-journalistic way will bring you joy as well. Plus, I'll never force you into awkward poses :)